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Chapter 7

If it is determined that you are eligible and have gone through the appropriate levels of counseling, Chapter 7 bankruptcy is a powerful legal tool that will relieve you from unsecured debts and a secure a fresh financial start!

Chapter 13

Chapter 13 bankruptcy is a legal debt restructuring plan that allows the debtor, the opportunity to their debts into one single monthly reasonable payment. Your monthly debt payment will be based on the amount that the debtor is able to pay.

Wage Garnishments

A wage garnishment is one of many legal actions that creditors use to collect from debtors. Indiana state laws limit the amount that creditors can take from a debtor's paychecks. Creditors can take up to 25% for most net wages. A wage garnishment is an order from the court agency and is sent to the debtor's employer to be executed.


Foreclosure defense is when a legal strategy to prevent foreclosure. A successful foreclosure defenses against foreclosure used to be difficult to achieve. Fortunately homeowners are now successfully challenging foreclosure actions.

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